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Quality Control Process
Our Quality Control Process is aimed at ensuring quality Language Translation Services and begins the moment you contact us and carries through until even after we have delivered your translation to you. The dedicated Project Manager assigned to your work oversees the process and can answer any question you may have regarding your project. All new clients are followed up with by telephone shortly after project completion to ensure your satisfaction.

Our Quality Control Process includes steps such as reviewing your material and requirements thoroughly prior to beginning any work, ensuring that all questions the linguists have are answered and carefully recording all information related to each assignment so that no elements are missed. No matter the specific service, the most important step in this process is matching the assignment to the best possible linguist. All language services require not only language expertise but also specific subject matter expertise. An example with regard to written translation is a legal document requiring German translation, relating to patent or copyright infringement, and including scientific formulas, which would necessitate a professional translator with both the necessary legal and scientific backgrounds or alternately, two qualified translators, one with the appropriate legal background and one with the appropriate scientific background.

The other steps of our Quality Control Process allow for several checks and balances to ensure the best possible product and services. Some of the steps vary slightly depending on the exact service we're providing:

Localization: Our Quality Control Process for localization includes a step strictly aimed at reviewing the site from a cultural standpoint as well as a step to provide thorough testing of the site or software upon completion to ensure that all links have been reengineered properly and to verify that the site will come up correctly.

Translation: The Quality Control Process we apply to written translations includes several rounds of proofreading and editing to ensure accuracy, good idiomatic language, completeness and correct formatting.

This information gives you a brief overview of our Quality Control Process. If you have any questions or would like more specific information regarding our Process, please contact us.
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