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Chinese-Version provides the following translation services:
  • Translation of documents. All translations are done by native speakers of the target language and are reviewed by a second language professional.
  • Verification and proofreading of texts (done by native speakers of the target language who specialize in the subject matter at hand).
  • Translation of documents that require knowledge of specialist terminology. See our Areas of Specialty and Technical Translation.
  • Creation of client-specific translation memory databases. As part of our translation service, we create translation memory databases for each client with specific terminology at no additional charge. This allows us to provide you with consistent terminology for all the projects we do for you. Each client owns the TM database created by Chinese-Version. See more information about Translation Memory.
  • Notarized translations by a sworn translator.

To ensure that the highest quality is maintained, we employ various quality measures.

  • Our translators must pass interviews and rigorous language tests (subject-specific).
  • All Chinese-Version translators must be language experts and must specialize in specific industry sectors or specific subjects.
  • Each translator must work according to set Chinese-Version regulations. With every project sent to a translator, s/he receives a checklist that must be completed before the translation is sent back to us
  • All Chinese-Version translations are translated by native speakers of the target language and reviewed for accuracy and style by a second language professional specializing in the subject matter at hand.
  • Every translation is checked word for word against the original and changes are made to ensure that the proper terminology is used consistently throughout the entire document.
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