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helps you with the localization process to maximize market share in your target country. We help you localize your manuals, marketing materials, branding, software interface, and website for specific languages and countries.

Our language localization tools can extract the text from your HTML or software files without touching the code. Translation is carried out and reinserted into the program or file. This facilitates content management, even when working with multiple languages.

Market Size

1,329,801,131 Chinese Speakers in the world
20.71% people in the world speak Chinese, the most common language. with the highest Population. With the incessant rapid growth of economy, purchasing power in China is far over western's expectation.

Language Population Percentage
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The Top Ten Languages Used in the Web (2005)

Rest of the Languages 2610565735 40.66%
Chinese 1329801131 20.71%
English 1107807851 17.26%
Spanish 389587559 6.07%
French 374555140 5.83%
Portuguese 227628673 3.55%
Japanese 128137485 2.00%
German 96141368 1.50%
Korean 73044495 1.14%
Italian 58608565 0.91%
Dutch 24224721 0.38%

103,000,000  Chinese Internet User
According to the statistic data from, in 2005 Chinese is the 2nd popular language on the internet. As the penetration of Chinese speakers is only 8.6% which is far less than other languages, it is obvious Chinese will be the major internet language in the coming future.

Due to the big population of Chinese internet user, localizing your website into Chinese would be an excellent solution for web-based business and companies in the "eyeball economy" to catch the 19.31% internet population and directly increase the value of your websites.

If your website is in English only, your market would be increased by almost 40% by our localization services.


Internet Users
 (by Language)



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The Top Ten Languages Used in the Web

English 296,439,411 26.80% 46.15%
Chinese 124,014,713 9.30% 19.31%
Japanese 78,050,000 60.90% 12.15%
Spanish 60,471,125 15.50% 9.42%
German 55,129,733 57.30% 8.58%
French 38,295,745 10.20% 5.96%
Korean 31,600,000 43.30% 4.92%
Italian 28,610,000 48.80% 4.45%
Portuguese 28,575,400 12.60% 4.45%
Dutch 14,655,328 60.50% 2.28%
Rest of the Languages 182,869,474 7.00% 28.47%


US$410 Million Monthly expenditure on internet games in PR China
103,000,000 internet users with US$3.99 (in average) monthly expenditure on internet game.

US$11.5 Billion transaction volume in the first 6 months of 2005

Reference: Redirect_cnnic.htm

Localized Products
For a fraction of cost, you can expend your market by 12.8% of the world market.

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- Website -
- Multimedia -
- Publication -
- Books -

Chinese Localization

After Sales Services



Huge Market in
Chinese Regions

Our localization teams consist of a project leader who manages the project and evaluates the cost and schedule, a localization engineer who is responsible for technical coordination and completion of all localized software and website, DTP specialists who handle the DTP task, a group of translators and proofreaders. We also invite consultants from universities whenever necessary.

Working in Group, our in-house localization team provides highest consistency with fastest feedback from proofreaders or clients, unlike other translation agencies which outsource their projects or hire freelance translators working separately.

After Sales Service

Only having the localized products, overseas company may found it difficult to enter a strange market. As your one stop localization service provider, we are glad to provide you with the following services.

Marketing Support
Chinese Website Management
SEP (Search Engine Optimization)
Public Relation service

Of course, many other things should be taken into account for a specific project. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs and concerns.

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