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Fully proofed, professional quality translations by experienced technical translators. Clarification of technical jargon/in-house terminology with client. Coordination with Printer/Graphic Artist for layout and output requirements.
  • Manuals
  •  Product data/safety sheets
  • Proposals/Offers
  • Technical brochures
  • Reports/Summaries
  • Software programs/documentation

A Word of Caution!
A poorly translated technical document will tarnish your product's & company's image and potentially lose you sales. It may even create legal repercussions. Because technical translation is a difficult skill, proven translators and thorough checking systems are required to ensure quality and eliminate error.

Embarrassing, potentially disastrous mistakes can also be made when someone unfamiliar with a language handles foreign text. Always ensure translated texts are typeset & signed off by an expert in that language before printing.

We offer:

  • Quality Translators
    With an extensive translator pool comprising translators in Hong Kong, Taiwan and PR China,  Chinese-Version has the experience and specialist expertise to produce highest quality translations in most technical fields.
  • Extensive Reference Resources
    With ready access to superb libraries of reference materials and the Internet, you can be assured technical terminology will be accurately translated. For more information please refer to our Reference Materials.
  • Strict Quality Control Systems
    Chinese-Version takes great care in selecting the translator best suited to your material. We then use a 2nd translator to check & proof our principal translator's 'final' text to ensure accuracy, eliminate human error, and 'polish' the final text.
  • Output the way you want it
    By working with your printers and graphic designers, we ensure your foreign text is not only correctly laid out (typeset) but also supplied in the precise form they want (EPS, PDF etc or placed in the graphic file), thus avoiding additional pre-press & printing costs.
  •  Complete Confidentiality
    Naturally, absolute confidentiality of your material is guaranteed at all times.
  •  Experience
    With many years of technical translation experience, we have the people & the procedures to produce consistently high quality work.

With Chinese-Version you can guarantee professional standards and avoid potential pitfalls.

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