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Chinese-Version specializes in localization of websites and multimedia projects. Below you will find a step-by-step description of the localization process at Chinese-Version. The steps listed below only outline the major stages of the Chinese-Version website localization procedure. Every website and multimedia localization project is unique and will require that we take slightly different steps to complete it.

The following types of website can be localized by Chinese-Version:
HTML Sites

The most common and simplest type of website.

(Content Management Systems)
Database based website, whose information were basically stored in a database. You can edit web content online.  
Flash Sites Flash based animated website.   
Web Portals / Web-Based Systems Functional Web-Based Systems written in cgi, asp, php, jsp or other script or languages.  

Website Localization Process
Chinese-Version experts analyze the website from the technical and cultural viewpoint:
Chinese-Version analyzes the objectives of the site, its target audience and culture-specific content.
Our technical experts evaluate how technically complex the website is, its content, layout, as well as the quantity and type of graphics used. If a content management system manages the content of the website, we will also analyze files generated by the content management system. We will translate all file types - HTML, SGML, ASP and PHP - as well as scripts.
We also analyze what needs to be localized. We need to identify the sections of the site that will be updated and changed regularly. The analysis will help us in formulating a localization plan for the website.
we use reference material to create a TM database and glossary.
Our engineers extract the translatable text and it is distributed among the team of translators, who specialize in the subject matter at hand. We translate HTML, SGML, ASP and PHP files without disrupting the layout of the site in any way.
Localization of visuals - graphics, icons, user-interface resizing, etc.
Online testing  is performed to ensure functionality. All scripts, links, rollovers, and graphics are tested online.
Delivery of the fully localized website.
Chinese-Version will also be responsible for detecting and updating of new content on the website.
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